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Callie Shanafelt is a documentary filmmaker, editor and freelance journalist who loves using the best type of media to tell a story.

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Treating uninsured immigrants after health care reform

The Affordable Care Act was intended to provide insurance for the uninsured – with one notable exception. Undocumented immigrants and lawfully present immigrants who’ve been here less than five years are excluded from health care […]

Oct, 23

New West County Health Center is future of health care, says co-author of ACA

When Representative George Miller, co-author of the Affordable Care Act, sat down with fellow politicians to design a plan for health care reform, they asked health leaders from across the country how to improve the […]

Oct, 18

Community clinics switching to electronic health records

Community clinics are turning technologically savvy. Spurred on by federal funds, they are adopting electronic health records at rates exceeded only by HMOs. Community health centers once had the lowest rate of electronic health record […]

Sep, 17

Does it matter who is buying foreclosed homes in Oakland?

Putting homes in reach of the middle class might have seemed like a silver lining of the housing crash in places like Oakland, where housing prices jumped substantially during the boom years. The median home […]

Aug, 22

Last fire camp standing

Driving into the wooded campus of Pine Grove Youth Conservation Camp feels like arriving at a summer camp – until you see the road signs warning that you are entering a correctional facility. The mint […]

Aug, 21

Kinship caregivers struggle without state support

  When Hazel Wingate’s 61-year-old brother told her he was going to have a child, she was 62. Wingate assumed that the child would be cared for by his mother, as were her brother’s five […]

Mar, 14

Healthcare reform helps Oakland clinic meet huge demand

When Sherry Hirota learned that healthcare reform meant community clinics like hers would be expected to double their capacity, she wasn’t surprised. “Across the board, it was understood that health centers would be called upon […]

Mar, 05


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