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Callie Shanafelt is a documentary filmmaker, editor and freelance journalist who loves using the best type of media to tell a story.

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Oakland easing up stringent building code enforcement

Last September, 42-year-old Omar El-Baroudi appeared on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle. In the photo, he’s standing at the back of his West Oakland home. At the time the photo was taken, the house had been […]

Jan, 11

Why some young men in Richmond are laying down their guns

While Oakland stands in a tenuous state of peace, violence in nearby Richmond regularly grabs headlines – even within the walls of City Hall. KTVU ANCHOR: A bloody brawl that broke out inside Richmond City […]

Nov, 09

During the economic downturn, the pawn industry grows

President Obama continues to tout his jobs bill, though it hasn’t been getting much traction in Congress. Still, there are a few industries that have been growing without government help: tech, healthcare, and interestingly, pawnshops. […]

Nov, 07

High unemployment, toxic environment – one solution

After Congress reached an agreement on the debt ceiling two weeks ago, President Obama said he and his cabinet are turning their attention back to creating jobs. PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: They are redoubling their efforts […]

Aug, 16

Veterans Treatment Court gives GI’s a Shot At Reintegration

The basis of our criminal justice system is generally to punish those who break the law – and theoretically, give criminals a chance at rehabilitation. But, since the system is overloaded, that doesn’t always happen. […]

Sep, 27

Remembering the African-American Rosie the Riveter

Where you live might determine the level of healthcare you get, but that’s a shifting landscape. Demographics in the Bay Area have changed during the past half century. Take the city of Richmond. Now, it’s […]

Sep, 23


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